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ProSix VT6-A901S-DC

The VT6-L DC is a space-saving, six-axis robot, that handles payloads of up to 6kg, with a range of 920mm and a built-in controller. The user benefits from the automation of simple, repetitive tasks, that humans may find tedious. There's no need to purchase and install a DC/AC converter to power the robot, as the VT6-L DC has been developed for use with AGVs.

Flexible applications

The VT6-L DC has been developed for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for an affordable solution to non-automated simple tasks, such as: assembly lines, machine tending, production lines, processing, quality inspection, loading and transfer, and repetitive testing. Automotive, medical, electronics and manufacturing industries could all benefit from this robotic solution.

Space and cost saving

The VT6-L DC has been engineered for ease of use and a low total cost of ownership (TCO), following the 'just enough' design principle. It's a compact, all-in-one robot that helps save on factory space and features simple cabling thanks to the hollow end-of-arm design. It has a built-in controller and can be powered by the batteries from the AGV, that helps with installation and uniterrupted running.

Easy to integrate

This lightweight and self-contained robotic solution can be installed by someone with little programming or installation experience. It's easy to move and can be used in number of different environments.

Key Features

  • Affordable: Simple design and low TCO
  • Easy set up: Lightweight and self-contained robotic solution
  • Flexibility: Use for machine tending, packing, loading and unloading…and much more
  • Compact, all-in-one solution: Self-contained and space-saving, with a built-in controller
  • No need for a DC/AC converter: Supports DC power from automated guided vehicle (AGV) batteries.

Tech Specs

Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

SKU: R11N03T005
  • General

    Product weight
    40 kg
    What's in the box
    Epson RC+ program CD including simulation software, Epson robot and controller, Installation/safety manual
    Machinery Directive: EN 60204-1, EMC Directive: EN 55011, RoHS Directive: 2002/92/EC, CE Mark, ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012, NFPA 79 (2007 Edition), KC Mark, KCs Mark
    Ambient temperature
    5 ° C - 40 ° C
    Relative Humidity
    10 % - 80 % (no condensation)


  • Options

    Epson Teach Pendant TP2 RC90
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 945.00 € ex. VAT
    Epson emergency stop box incl 4m cable
    Available within 2 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 283.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson DeviceNet slave module T / VT series
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 745.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson Profibus slave module T / VT series
    Available within 2 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 745.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson CC-link slave module T / VT series
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 745.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson ProfiNet slave module T / VT series
    Available within 2 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 787.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson EtherNetIP slave module T / VT series
    Available within 2 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 787.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson EtherCat slave board T / VT series
    Available within 6 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 787.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson Teach Pendant TP3 with 5m cable
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 2,089.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson exchange cable TP1 / TP2
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 94.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson external wiring option VT-series
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 315.00 € ex. VAT
    Epson emergency kit (1m cable, terminal block)
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 283.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson emergency 1m cable (2xDSub, 25pin)
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 168.00 € ex. VAT
    Epson emergency 3m cable (2xDSub, 25pin)
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 241.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson emergency terminal block (25pin)
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 115.50 € ex. VAT
    Epson emerg. 1m cable one side open end
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 210.00 € ex. VAT
  • Options

  • Software

    Epson GUI Builder 7.0 licence
    Available within 4 weeks
    NOW (excl. VAT): 546.00 € ex. VAT

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